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Bangkok Laws - Book Reviews

The fifth book in the Laws series, Bangkok Laws, is complete and will be released in early 2008! Jim Michael Hansen finished the manuscript on January 13, 2007 and threw it to the ceiling in celebration. He immediately wished he had numbered the pages. Picking it up he said, "The endings of my books always surprise me, but this one absolutely blew me away. I never saw it coming."

Bangkok Laws
ISBN 9780976924319
Jim Michael Hansen
Dark Sky Publishing, Inc.
Original Trade Paperback (5.5 x 8.5)
425 Pages
$13.95 US
Early 2008
Distribution: Baker & Taylor Books

Back Cover Copy: As Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry finds himself entangled in the collateral damage of a killer who uses the entire world as his playground, newly licensed attorney Paige Alexander lands her very first case —a case that could possibly destroy the most powerful law firm in the world; a case involving a deadly, high-stakes international conspiracy of terrible proportions; a case that started in Bangkok but will not end there.

If you liked the first four Laws novels, be prepared to ascend to a whole new level of excitement.


"*** The cast makes the latest Coventry police procedural into what should be considered one of the best investigative tales of the year as the white sexual slave market seems genuine due to the secondary characters; many of whom are the bad guys. Ja’Von is terrific as she lives for vengeance whereas her idealist attorney is the “Mouse that Roared” especially when she is almost swallowed up by a corrupt international law firm ... BANGKOK LAWS is a superior thriller that showcases the talent of one of the genre’s better authors." --Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round Reviews. Full review here.

"There’s no other way to say it, I’m hooked on Bryson Coventry and the man who brought him to life. Hansen’s characters change with each story and are so full of life and so vivid that unfortunately, I can never put one down until it’s finished. This story deals with Bangkok white slavery and a mega law firm. As usual, he is working on more than one case and they begin to collide as the body count rises. Naturally it wouldn’t be truly Coventry if he didn’t have a string of females at his beck and call but maybe Ja’Von will be different and the start of a long romance. No matter how it plays out, Hansen continues to be the best and I’ll continue to recommend him to all my friends." --Andra Tracy, Out Word Bound Books, Indianapolis, IN

"Bryson Coventry's latest case is proving to be quite distracting to his latest romance with a mystery woman named Ja'Von Deveraux. This time it is Ja'Von who tracks him down and reveals she is a private investigator and a big fan of Bryson's. She wants to get to know him much better. While he's enjoying her attention, Bryson does wonder about her past, as his track record with women isn't great.

Paige Alexander is fresh out of law school but placing low in her class has kept the job offerings from pouring in. When Ja'Von Deveraux approaches her with a horrifying case, Paige accepts the job but soon realizes that she may be way out of her leagure. Ja'Von has been in Bangkok hired by an unknown person from a number that links back to the high-profile law firm Vinson & Botts. While in Bangkok, she was drugged and forced into slavery in a sex dungeon. After escaping, she began looking into the person who gave her this job. She is certain she was set up and she feels it was by someone at Vinson & Botts so she wants to sue and Paige is the person for the job.

While Bryson is kept busy with one murder after another, Ja'Von and Paige begin unraveling a case that may put them on the killer's list. A killer who is determined that he will not be caught and that everyone is the enemy.

Within BANGKOK LAWS, the reader knows all of the key players from the start, including the killer, but there are other secretive characters that keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat waiting for things to unravel. This mystery is not easy to solve ahead of time, Jim Hanson is brilliant at creating so many twists without going off track or boring the reader in numerous details. Though there is a lot going on at once, the action hooks the reader from the start.

BANGKOK LAWS is another excellent mystery and I find myself amazed at both how quickly the author can write and how he's yet to hit that dreaded "sophomore slump." Few authors can handle what Jim Hansen has managed--this is his fifth novel and he's still "wowing" his readers." --Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews

"In BANGKOK LAWS Jim Hansen has once again challenged his protagonist to new heights. BANGKOK LAWS is the 5th book in the highly regarded LAWS series and the best to date.

Denver detective Bryson Coventry makes a promise to dead woman to find her killer. He hasn’t done this in a long time and is determined to solve the meaningless death of this woman. Along the way other women disappear and are found dead. Is a serial killer loose or are these unrelated deads just mere coincidental?

Newly licensed attorney Paige Alexander can’t find a job in the Denver law community and has to work as a waitress to make ends meet. One day in walks Ja’Von Deveraux, a mysterious beautiful woman with an equally amazing story of sexual slavery in Bangkok to tell. Paige accepts Ja’Von as her first client and starts the legal wheels turning in a David vs. Goliath legal battle against one of the largest international law firms on behalf of her new client. Little does she know that her own life is soon to be in danger. While Paige is busy with the legal research Ja’Von seeks out Coventry. The over caffeinated Coventry is immediately smitten and falls head over heals with Ja’Von. As Coventry investigates the endless trails of missing/dead women, Ja’Von, a PI in her own right, starts her own investigation into the international sex slavery of blond American women to Bangkok only to discover that there may be more to it than she originally thought.

Hansen continues to draw readers to the dark side of Denver and allow us, the readers, to participate in the terror that a few unsavory characters can unleash on the public. He taunts us with red herrings and when you reach the climax of the novel the ending is unsuspecting but so obvious at the same time. As the series progress from the first novel NIGHT LAWS to the current one, Hansen further probes the life of Coventry, a well drawn character that is liked and respected by his peers. Hansen also draws upon a strong supporting cast which adds a rich texture and sense of realism to the novels. But Hansen is at his best in developing the psyche of the villains in his novels. Not all of the bad guys are murders and con artists. An international law firm is unscrupulous in determining the way it practices law. The heroine Paige Alexander is an idealist and has use her wits to be careful not to be swallowed up by the power that the law firm can bring upon her. Hansen paints an excellent balance in ideal versus realism in his narrative.

BANGKOK LAWS is Hansen’s best effort to date. It is white knuckle page turner of a novel that keeps you glued to the page and with paper cuts on your fingers. If this is the first book that you read in the series, you will not be disappointed. Hansen masterfully weaves the elements of suspense, sexual tension, retaliation and horror so well that you are unaware that a few hours have past and your done with the book. Bryson Coventry is one of the best characters in modern thriller/detective fiction in the last five years." --Aldo Calcago (Mystery Dawg) for Future Mystery Anthologies Magazine,

"From the seedy sex dens of Bangkok to the crystal clear skies of Denver, Jim Michael Hansen takes you on a voyage into a very dark world of sexual slavery, and ultimately, cold-blooded murder.

Bryson Coventry is the Detective in charge of the homicide unit for the Denver Police. His world is jarred into the surreal when he meets Private Investigator Ja'Von Deveraux. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever met--and she wants him badly.

Paige Alexander is a fresh-faced young woman. Having just received her law license from the Colorado state bar, she is ready to practice, send the bad guys away and make a name for herself. Unfortunately for her, she is unemployed in her profession and is barely scratching out a living as a waitress in a Denver greasy spoon. Then she meets Deveraux, who wants to hire her to represent her in a case against one of Denver's most prestigious law firms.

Dylan Joop is a professional, merciless assassin. His current contract must be completed within a specific time period. His target is an unassuming self-employed housekeeper, with no criminal record, no relations with crime whatsoever, and would be otherwise unnoticeable in society. He kidnaps her and waits for instructions.

The disparate stories are expertly woven together in a raunchy, blood-spattered tale that spins out of control as Detective Coventry and his partner Shalifa Netherwood track the unknown assassin and clean up his trail. As the body count mounts, the Detectives find themselves getting closer, but the clues are scattered, the killer is deviously proficient--leaving the Denver cops with little to go on.

Jim Michael Hansen has a unique ability to tempt the reader with a trail of crumbs that ultimately sucks you into the spellbinding vortex he has created in Bangkok Laws. You will turn the pages so fast your fingers will bleed. Not since Stephen King have I read an author that has the ability to reach the deepest recesses of the criminal mind. Spooky.

Armchair Interviews says: A very complex and realistically brutal plot, it might have been ripped from the headlines of the Denver Post!" --Jeff Foster, Armchair Interviews

"Twenty-five year old Page Alexander's life was about to change,although she would have never dreamed the road she was about to travel would be a nightmare. She had already learned that Denver didn't have many jobs for a newly licensed attorney, so when she was approached by a mysterious woman who wanted to hire her for an even more mysterious job she decided to give it a go, never realizing from that moment on her life would be in danger. As her new boss Jo'Von Deveraux revealed her story of being forced into sexual slavery in Bangkok, and the plot she had conceived to seek her revenge, Page was horrified but still felt drawn to continue.

In the meantime Denver's Detective Bryson Coventry is again up to his neck in missing women and dead bodies that involve the same sinister people that had enslaved Jo'Von.This connection draws our Detective Coventy to our amature detectives, Page and Jo'Von.. The two women, Jo'Von and Page set out on a quest to find the ones behind these kidnappings before another woman is destroyed, never realizing how deep this would take them into horrifying crimes. Will they be too late? This leads them to some very unscrupulous people and the story keeps you scratching your head not knowing are they friend or foe to our young women; just who can they trust? How many near death situations can they encounter? The pace quickens!

I'm not going to reveal a lot about the storyline of this novel. Mainly because to me it is much more complex than any of Mr. Hansen's previous works. Now, understand this is a good thing, because he gives you layer upon layer of mystery, suspicion, suspense and continues to build upon the total insanity and horror of the actual story and players behind the hideous crimes being committed. The story becomes so intense at times that you wonder how much further it can go without having an ending, but it does. As always, Mr. Hansen's characters are extremely well defined, however, please be forewarned before reading that there is strong sexual content in this work and strong uncensored language.

Indeed, you will find a storyline that is probably more real-to-life than you care to imagine, strong believable characters, both hideous and lovable, and a knock-out conclusion, that trust me, you definitely will never see coming. Another top-of-the-line winner for Mr. Hansen and one you do not want to miss.
--Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

"After all the doors are bolted and the windows are checked and double checked, just settle in your favorite chair by the fire-place or scramble into bed with Bangkok Laws, another well thought-out book for you crime thriller seekers. This exceptional in-depth, tension grabber is perfect for night reading or any time of day you want to curl up with a good book. A surprise visitor comes on the scene. You, the reader must delve inside the pages to find out who this mystery guest is.

Another killer is on the loose. Alan Ewing is on his way back to Denver from Bangkok. Will he reach his destination, or will something or someone intercept him? Will Bryson Coventry, a 34-year-old Denver homicide detective, find the killer before further bloodshed can take place?

Page Alexander, an entry-level attorney, with no office or clients, was working at Sam's Eatery until something better came along. Little does Page realize that she is about to stumble into a heart-pounding situation involving a thrill ride that she will never forget.

Jim Michael Hansen is about to unleash another electrifying laws book that will keep you, the reader, turning page after spine-chilling page to see what lies around the next curve. So get ready to follow Coventry through a never-ending roller coaster ride of events that will lead through a fantastical situation, along with the beautiful women who are involved up to their necks."
--Wanda Maynard, Simegen

"Each time I get into one of Jim Michael Hansen’s books, I feel like I am putting on my old comfortable pair of tennis shoes. The only difference is that my shoes go where I want to go. With the “Bryson Coventry Thrillers,” I am never sure where my journey will end.

Bryson Conventry, head of the Denver Homicide Division, is confronted with a killing that should seem cut and dried. A guy stabbed in his bedroom. Bryson figures it should be pretty easy. Instead, it ends up intersecting him with two very interesting women.

The first is Paige Alexander. She is a newly licensed lawyer who is currently working as a waitress. The Denver legal market is turning out to be a bit harder to crack than she thought it would be. But Paige’s luck is about to change when she meets the second woman, Ja’Von Deveraux. A beautiful private investigator from San Francisco. Ja’Von wants to hire Paige to help her go after the largest law firm in the city. This law firm had sent the P.I. to Bangkok to do surveillance. Instead, Ja’Von ended up being forced into the sex slave trade. And Ja’Von is sure the firm had something to do with it.

To complicate matters, Bryson is finding himself falling for Ja’Von. The beautiful P.I. is falling for Bryson also, but does not want to tell him the real reason why she is in the city.

Avid readers have their favorite authors and this one has become one of mine. The style of each book is the same, but the plot twists and turns are uniquely different from one another. This is the fifth book in the series and the luster is still there.

Bryson Conventry is just as interesting now as he was in “Night Laws” – Hansen’s first book. Especially the women he meets. They just seem to get more beautiful with each new story. The characters that surround Bryson have not lost their luster either. They all come off the pages as living, breathing people.

The best part of Hansen’s writing is that I get dropped into the depths of the story within two or three pages. As with most of the series, I started and finished this book in one sitting.

I whole-heartedly recommend reading “Bangkok Laws.” It is great, whether or not a person has read the other “Laws” books." --Kathy Martin, In the Library Reviews

"BANGKOK LAWS by Jim Hansen: Thirty four year old Bryson Coventry, head of Denver’s homicide unit and serial womanizer, has survived four previous outings but this one may be his undoing, as he becomes involved in the collateral damage of a global killer. Newly licensed attorney Paige Alexander is employed on her very first case. It involves a deadly high-stakes international conspiracy that first manifested itself in Bangkok and will end who knows where. The connection between Alexander and Coventry is San Francisco private investigator Ja’Von Deveraux who combines a lifeguard’s body with movie star features. Deveraux has survived a terrible experience and is now looking for revenge. She enlists Alexander to help her and then Coventry. Not for the weak hearted but full of action and coffee drinking, crime solving Coventry and his cast of cohorts continue to evolve with each outing. Rough as the Rockies, but also refreshing. Can’t wait for the next in the series." --Jack Quick, Bookbitch Reviews

"If you're planning to travel to Bangkok to sample some of the sleazy and forbidden entertainments found there, beware that it doesn't cost more than you are willing to pay. Like Alan Ewing did.

It's his mysterious murder that brings Bryson Coventry into contact with a lovely P.I. who deliberately seeks him out. The question is why? Would you trust her? Would you trust her story? Is she as she appears to be? Where will she lead Bryson and the reader who follow so willingly?

Familiar characters who will be easily recalled from other "Laws" stories guide us into the realm of shady dealings by an international law firm where almost any fantasy or case can be won by manipulating people. Bangkok Laws is a study of methods of revenge by victims of this firm.

Highly recommended as a tale you will have to finish once you begin to read. Talented author Jim Michael Hansen has woven a fascinating plot from several subplots to satisfy even the pickiest thriller fan. Action aplenty with false trails and red herrings to draw the reader into dead ends and keep us trying to out guess the villains who do what they do sooo well. A book guaranteed to hold your attention and provide you with reading satisfaction. Enjoy. I sure did. (But a warning to the girls, don't travel to Bangkok unescorted.)"
--Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader Magazine