Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Mystery Reader Magazine weighs in on ANCIENT LAWS

Many thanks to reviewer/author Anne K. Edwards of New Mystery Reader Magazine for weighing in on Ancient Laws with the following review:

"Another winner! For thriller and dark mystery fans, talented author Jim Michael Hansen has produced a story you won’t be able to put down until you turn that last page.

A weird murder takes Bryson Coventry to Paris to see if their weird murder is the work of the same killer. He meets French detective named Fallon Le Rue and falls head over heels into lust once again.

Together they chase down clues to a killer who looks like a caveman. One such man is a lawyer who turns up to convince them of his innocence. Another is a D.J., and a third is a cabdriver and sometime hitman. The fourth is an archaeologist. Will one of them be the killer Coventry seeks? The question is which one.

Added complications deepen the mystery in the guise of two women, Jade and Alexandra, who work together to find a lost pharaoh’s treasure and the man who murdered Jade’s uncle for information to the treasure.

Are the two cases related? How? What do they have in common besides a certain killer?

An exciting tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat as vipers make attacks on visitors to their valley, an airplane goes into the river, and a thousand thrills that will permanently fix goosebumps to your skin.

A well told tale with a masterful blend of intrigue, murder, greed, lust, and that little touch of horror will keep you reading."