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Voodoo Laws - Book Reviews

What happens when you don't believe in VOODOO but it believes in you?

The manuscript of the 7th Laws thriller, Voodoo Laws, was completed on August 14, 2007. The book will be released in early 2009.

Back Cover Copy: As Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry frantically searches for a missing woman and is pulled deeper and deeper into an edgy world of voodooism and death curses, beautiful young solo attorney Mackenzie Lee takes on a terrifying case--a case born of shadowy origins; a case that is ever changing; a case that is destined to sweep everyone who touches it into the spiraling vortex of a deadly thriller.

Voodoo Laws
ISBN 13: 9780976924371
ISBN 10: 0976924374
Dark Sky Publishing, Inc.
Jim Michael Hansen (c) 2009
Original Trade Paperback
423 pages
March 15, 2009


"In this book we find Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry searching for a missing woman, Lindsey Vail, and Ryan Ripley, a dead attorney—the second from the same office. Normally the books in this series are set in Denver, but this one is set in New Orleans and centers around the world of voodoo and death curses.

Attorney Mackenzie Lee is hired by architect Erin Asher because she was being stalked by a man who looks like a pirate while clubbing in town Sat. night. It is soon discovered that he is the primary suspect in a murder case of Bryson's that happened across time at the same time and Erin is the suspect's alibi.

If that wasn't enough, Bryson has a death curse put on him by voodoo priestess Ida Wrisp. True to form, Bryson is taken in by a beautiful woman, in this instance it is Ta'Venza Ocean.

Can Bryson untangle the suspects and alibis to discover the identity of the killer? Can he and Mackenzie keep Erin safe in the process?

Once again the author has created a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You won't be able to put it down once you start, so you might as well clear your calendar for the duration.

There are many themes and subplots with a terrific climatic ending. The author is a master of weaving the multiple story lines. The characters are very well developed and the plot is expertly crafted with plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing.

I recommend this book and the whole series."
--Down Dowdle, Mystery Lovers Corner

"Bryson Coventry returns in VOODOO LAWS, the seventh book in the LAWS series by Jim Michael Hansen. In this episode, the supernatural theme is extended into the world of voodoo and death curses and brings back the use of lawyers as central characters to the novel.

It seems that there is never a dull day in the life of Bryson Coventry, head of Denver’s homicide unit. While investigating the disappearance of Lindsay Vail and the death of a high placed lawyer, Ryan Ripley, Coventry has to deal with a death curse placed on him by a voodoo priestess Ida Wrisp. As always an alluring beauty comes into his life in the form of Ta’Venza Oceana, who may be his fatal attraction.

VOODOO LAWS introduced a whole slew of new characters and new locations for Coventry to interact with. In his previous work Hansen used Denver as his main setting and the place served as a prominent character in itself. On this outing we are taken to mystical New Orleans and its back alleys and voodoo shops. New villains are introduced who lack any moral composition and provide an additional challenge to Coventry’s investigation. In addition to new characters, Hansen has also introduced new members of the Denver PD, specifically Coyote, a beautiful officer who is tasked with surveillance on lawyer Mackenzie Lee. Lee is working for her client Erin Asher, who is trying to find out who is stalking her. All of the themes and subplots culminate in a climatic ending that will leave you shaking your head and yearning for the next book in the series.

Hansen is proving himself to be a master of the thriller. VOODOO LAWS is a well plotted and executed novel. Hansen continues to provide a level of tension that seems to be lacking in other series books and provides new challenges for his protagonist to explore the deeper layers of character’s makeup. The careful craft of taking multiple story lines, red herrings, carefully drawn characters and ratcheting up the suspense is not easy to pull off. Hansen seems to make it look effortless.

After seven books, VOODOO LAWS continues to showcase the fine writing skills of under recognized author and a marvelous series. If you are looking for high octane thrills, excellent characters and a rapid page turner, look no further. Be careful, there may be a reading voodoo curse in your future; Hansen has the skills to keep you glued to the pages well into the dawn hours of the night." --Aldo T. Calcagno (Mystery Dawg), Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine

"VOODOO LAWS by Jim Hansen: (2009) Do you read mysteries for the characters or for the plot? Coffee drinking serial womanizing Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry is back with all his quirks and talents. He is frantically searching for a missing woman after finding the second member of a local law firm dead with implications of voodooism and death curses. At the same time local attorney and budding author Mackenzie Lee has her own challenge. Her newest client, Erin Asher, is convinced that she was being stalked. A man who looked like a pirate followed her during an evening of in downtown on Saturday. The same man is apparently the primary suspect in one of Coventry’s murder cases that occurred across town at the same time. Lee’s client is the suspect’s alibi, but if Lee allows her to come forward, will they be clearing the man from one murder so that he can commit a different one – that of Asher. Then there is the missing woman and the fact the Coventry has had a voodoo death curse placed on him. Oh, did I mention that Lee formerly worked with the same law firm as the two victims that are the object of Coventry’s efforts? How are they all interconnected? Bottom line – great characters in a wild plot that somehow all comes together. The Laws series just keeps getting better and better." Jack Quick, Bookbitch Reviews,

"I have read all seven [Laws] books, and enjoyed them all. Like all the others, “Voodoo Laws” caught my attention at the first page, and left me with a question right from the beginning as to whether Coventry would actually survive this one. Not that the author would want to kill off such a good character, but the thought that Coventry might actually die had not crossed my mind previously. * * * Whether you have read all the books in the “Laws” series, or just want to pick this one up, rest assured that “Voodoo Laws” will be a fun read." --Kathy Martin, In the Library Reviews

"What a rush! This fast paced awesome thriller will leave you breathless and awake emotions you didn't know you had. I know it did me!

Will our handsome, courageous detective endure everything being catapulted at him this time? Bryson Coventry was on the move to find murderers who were slaying their victims through voodoo. With each passing day the search for these evil doers brought them closer to our hero. He couldn't seem to stay out of the reach of misfortune. Everywhere he turned someone or something was out to get him. This magnificent male specimen had my heart pounding in fear for him through every frightening incident.

The edge of the seat suspense shot my adrenaline up to an all time high. With each excellently plotted chapter danger and surprise seemed to leap from around every corner and seized this reader and would not let go until the last page. At the closing of the book, I was struck with wonder at what happened.

By mixing a little action, intrigue, uncertainty, homicide, and great characters, Jim Michael Hansen truly brought Voodoo Laws to life and captured this reader's heart through his cunning and masterful handiwork that keeps improving with each thriller. I loved it! An unquestionably recommended read."
--Wanda Maynard, Simegen Reviews.

"Is voodoo real? Can it actually cause people to suffer or die from a curse laid on by a priestess like Ida Wrisp when she cursed Bryson Coventry? The question is why she was doing this. Was someone she knew harmed by him?

Bryson Coventry, head of Denver's homicide unit, has a new murder to contend with--a dead attorney, found in an alley. He finds voodoo creeping into his case and death seems to follow him from city to city as he seeks answers.

Talented author Jim Michael Hansen has created another story to keep the chills crawling up your spine as you join Coventry in another case. And, yes, he's in lust again with an intriguing young woman who catches his eye from the first time they meet.

This isn't a tale for the squeamish. Lots of action and lots of fun characters to meet. You'll remember Coventry as an old friend with a slight case of never quite meeting the right girl. Could this new lady be just right for him?

And if you don't believe in voodoo, you might begin to wonder why as you read. Mystery and chills aplenty as Bryson hunts and is hunted. A story to satisfy all thriller fans. Highly recommended to readers who like new and interesting plots and characters. Enjoy. I sure did."
--Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader Magazine