Wednesday, June 12, 2013


WILD LAWS comes out March 15, 2010. Library Journal weighs in with the following review:

Hansen, Jim Michael. Wild Laws: A Bryson Conventry Thriller. Thriller Publishing Group. Mar. 2010. 432p. ISBN 978-0-9819993-1-9. pap. $13.95. F

Hansen’s ninth entry in the "Laws" books (after Ancient Laws) can be read as a stand-alone thriller or as part of the overall series. The common thread is Bryson Coventry, a reckless, fast-thinking Denver police detective who follows the trail of a serial killer from Denver to Tokyo. Having witnessed the carnage of the Denver killings, he leaves for Japan on an unsanctioned pursuit. As Coventry draws closer to the killer, more victims are discovered, and the pattern of a twisted murderer revealed. Drawn into the intrigue is a cast of provocative characters who move in and out of Tokyo’s gritty underworld.
Verdict This fast-paced book offers fans of commercial thrillers a twisty, action-packed thrill ride.—Ron Samul, New London, CT

Many thanks to LJ and Ron Samul for taking a peek at this book!